Constanza Herrero is an Australian/Chilean singer and songwriter, and winner of the "John Lennon Songwriting Contest" Grand Prize and Lennon Award.

Constanza is driven by a passion to shine light into other's  lives  through meaningful lyrics inspired by her faith in Christ and  personal experiences of grief and hope.  She seeks to bring a sense of companionship and encouragement to those going through their own hard times. Her haunting vocals are accompanied by an eclectic sound that interweaves pop, folk, latin and soul.

Constanza first found success as a teenager in Chile, releasing original music under the artist name, Kota. She then joined an MTV Latin America award winning band and starred in a Nickelodeon TV series. 

After graduating from her university studies at the prestigious WAAPA (‘Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts’), Constanza has been focusing on releasing new music and playing shows in different parts of the world.

These days she is living in Los Angeles, California, combining her music career with ministry and being a newlywed.

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